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Southwest Bi-State Cooperation

Frequent coordination occurs between the Southwest Region and the Oregon transportation agencies. This coordination occurs primarily in the area surrounding the nine bridges that cross the Columbia River between the two states.

Columbia River Crossings Strategy

In cooperation with the Oregon Department of Transportation, SW Region prepared a Columbia River Crossings Strategy that developed a process to identify the need for significant investments by the two states over the next twenty years to maintain, preserve, replace, or increase capacity at the nine Columbia River crossings between the two states.

SWDOT and ODOT Partnerships:

Vancouver and Portland is one metropolitan region with closely linked economies and transportation systems. The Southwest region is a voting member of several technical and policy level committees at Portland Metro. 

These include:

The role of the Bi-State Committee is to review all issues of bi-state significance for transportation and present recommended actions to JPACT and RTC. The role of TPAC is to provide technical input to JPACT on the development of Portland Metro's Regional Transportation Plan.