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Generic Brochures - Local Public Agency

Local Public Agency Brochure Distribution

There has been some confusion in the past with local agencies and consultants handing out Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) relocation assistance brochures and displaced persons contacting WSDOT for information or to file their appeal.

So, WSDOT is now asking local agencies to prepare their own relocation brochures and not use WSDOT's. Our brochures should only be used for our highway improvement projects, because they list our regional offices, along with appeal information, etc. It is up to the acquiring agency to provide appropriate information to displacees.

Until a local agency can prepare brochure(s) of their own, they can use the generic brochures available on our Web site.

Another option is to disburse the FWHA brochure, which can be obtained online. The address is:

Generic Brochure - Business/Farm/NPO Relocation Assistance Program - October 2014 (docx, 32kb)

Generic Brochure - Residential Relocation Assistance Program - October 2014 (docx, 24kb)

Generic Brochure - Personal Property Only Relocation Assistance Program - October 2014 (docx, 20kb)