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Washington State Summary of Public Transportation

Description: The Summary of Public Transportation is a yearly report that summarizes the status of public transportation in Washington State. It provides data to transit providers, legislative transportation committees, and local and regional governments. 

December 2013 revision package M 3079.06 (pdf 760 KB)
December 2013 revision package
M 3079.05 (pdf 760 KB)

  • Publication Number: M 3079
  • Last Modified: December, 2013
  • Version: M 3079.06
  • Manual Managers: Ron Gross, 360-705-7887
  • Originator: Public Transportation Division
  • # of Pages: 282
  • Subject: Annual report of Washington State public transportation related data.
  • Keywords: public transportation, transit agency, transit system, transit authority, Medicaid broker, community transportation, intercity bus, ferry system, monorail
  • Related Publications: Electronic versions of previously published summary documents are available from the ftp site below in .pdf format for historical reference. Please note that due to changes over time in the data collection process, using this information for comparison between transit providers and/or for trend analysis of individual transits may not provide accurate results.

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Contents (pdf 139 KB)
Introduction (pdf 570 KB)

Statewide Operations Overview (pdf 377 KB) 

Transit Systems Serving Urban Areas (pdf 122 KB) 
   Sound Transit (pdf 306 KB)
   Ben Franklin Transit (pdf 275 KB) 
   C-TRAN (pdf 213 KB) 
   Community Transit (pdf 219 KB)
   Everett Transit (pdf 238 KB) 
   King County Metro (pdf 268 KB)
   Pierce Transit (pdf 206 KB) 
   Spokane Transit Authority (pdf 223 KB) 

Transit Systems Serving Small Urban Areas (pdf 108 KB) 
    Asotin County Transit (pdf 206 KB) 
    Intercity Transit (pdf 222 KB) 
    Kitsap Transit (pdf 200 KB) 
    Link Transit (pdf 222 KB) 
    RiverCities Transit (formerly CUBS) (pdf 214 KB) 
    Selah Transit (pdf 162 KB) 
    Skagit Transit (pdf 236 KB) 
    Union Gap Transit (pdf 246 KB) 
    Valley Transit (pdf 266 KB) 
    Whatcom Transportation Authority (pdf 202 KB) 
    Yakima Transit (pdf 213 KB) 

Transit Systems Serving Rural Areas (pdf 105 KB) 
    Columbia County Public Transportation (pdf 216 KB) 
    Clallam Transit System (pdf 222 KB) 
    Garfield County Public Transportation (pdf 201 KB) 
    Grant Transit Authority (pdf 191 KB) 
    Grays Harbor Transportation Authority (pdf 221 KB) 
    Island Transit (pdf 242 KB) 
    Jefferson Transit Authority (pdf 234 KB) 
    Mason County Transportation Authority (pdf 237 KB) 
    Pacific Transit System (pdf 220 KB) 
    Pullman Transit (pdf 190 KB) 
    Twin Transit (pdf 193 KB) 

Summary of Statewide Statistics
(pdf 211 KB) 

Tribal Transportation Providers (pdf 101 KB) 
    Cowlitz Indian Tribe (pdf 175 KB) 
    Makah Nation (pdf 200 KB) 
    Spokane Tribe of Indians (pdf 211 KB) 
    Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians (pdf 185 KB) 
    Tulalip Tribes (pdf 208 KB) 

Community Transportation Providers (pdf 228 KB) 
   HopeSource Transportation (pdf 205 KB) 
   Klickitat County Senior Services (pdf 206 KB) 
   L.E.W.I.S. Mountain Highway Transit (pdf 199 KB) 
   Lower Columbia Community Action Council (pdf 187 KB)  
   Mount Si Senior Center (pdf 203 KB) 
   Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition (pdf 186 KB) 
   People For People – Moses Lake (pdf 236 KB)
   People For People – Yakima (pdf 234 KB) 
   Rural Resources Community Action (pdf 199 KB) 
   Skamania County Senior Services (pdf 203 KB) 
   Special Mobility Services, Inc. (pdf 227 KB) 
   Thurston Regional Planning Council (pdf 176 KB) 
   Wahkiakum County Health and Human Services (pdf 172 KB) 

Medicaid Transportation Brokers (pdf 201 KB) 
   Hopelink (pdf 191 KB) 
   Human Services Council (pdf 197 KB) 
   Northwest Regional Council (pdf 198 KB) 
   Paratransit Services (pdf 266 KB)  
   People For People (pdf 240 KB)  
   Special Mobility Services, Inc. (pdf 227 KB) 

Travel Washington – Rural Intercity Bus Program (pdf 173 KB)  
   Apple Line (pdf 207 KB) 
   Dungeness Line (pdf 230 KB)  
   Gold Line (pdf 215 KB) 
   Grape Line (pdf 213 KB) 

Ferry Systems in Washington State (pdf 175 KB) 
   Guemes Island Ferry (pdf 199 KB) 
   Keller Ferry (pdf 190 KB) 
   King County Ferry District (pdf 184 KB) 
   Kitsap Transit Foot Ferry (pdf 162 KB) 
   Lummi Island Ferry (pdf 234 KB) 
   Pierce County Ferry System (pdf 165 KB) 
   Wahkiakum Ferry (pdf 172 KB) 
   Washington State Ferries (pdf 248 KB) 

Seattle Center Monorail (pdf 211 KB) 

Appendix 1 Glossary (pdf 188 KB)

Appendix 2 Public Transportation Grant Awards (pdf 196 KB)
Appendix 3 Summary of Public Transportation Notes (pdf 139 KB) 

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