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Washington State Summary of Public Transportation

Description: The Summary of Public Transportation is a yearly report that summarizes the status of public transportation in Washington State. It provides data to transit providers, legislative transportation committees, and local and regional governments.

  • Publication Number: M 3079
  • Last Modified: December, 2016
  • Version: M 3079.09
  • Manual Manager: Debbie Ruggles
  • Originator: Public Transportation Division
  • # of Pages: 284
  • Subject: Annual report of Washington State public transportation related data.
  • Keywords: public transportation, transit agency, transit system, transit authority, Medicaid broker, community transportation, intercity bus, ferry system, monorail Please send comments or suggestions to
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    Electronic versions of previously published summary documents are available from the ftp site below in .pdf format for historical reference. Please note that due to changes over time in the data collection process, using this information for comparison between transit providers and/or for trend analysis of individual transits may not provide accurate results.

This abstract was last modified January 13, 2017