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Roadside Policy Manual

Description: The Roadside Policy Manual provides practical roadside restoration policies and guidance, which are based on minimizing life cycle costs while providing operational and environmental functions. It promotes ecological context, environmental preservation, and maintainability. The manual is intended for project planning, scoping, environmental permitting, and for engineering designers, landscape architects, and construction and maintenance personnel.

  • Publication Number: M 3110
  • Last Modified: August, 2015
  • Version: M 3110.03
  • Manual Manager: Juli Hartwig; 360-705-7242;
  • Originators: Development Division, Design Office, Roadside and Site Development Section
  • # of Pages: 50
  • Subject: Roadside policy
  • Keywords: Roadside policy, roadside restoration, rehabilitation, sustainable roadsides
  • Related Publications: Roadside Manual, Design Manual and Highway Runoff Manual

This abstract was last modified May 20, 2016