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Project Control and Reporting Manual

Description: Delivery and accountability for the resources that taxpayers and the legislature entrust to us is the top priority of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Project Control and Reporting!

With passage of the 2003 Transportation Funding Package (Nickel) and the 2005 Transportation Funding Package (Transportation Partnership Account), the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has entered a new era of line-item appropriations and project level provisos. Given this high visibility of projects, it is the goal of the department to meet its commitment of delivering each of its projects on time, on budget, with no surprises.

To help us meet that goal, WSDOT has restructured its project control and reporting policies and procedures. The purpose of this manual is to document the policies and procedures WSDOT has adopted to comply with legislative reporting mandates and to provide an overview of how they are implemented.

This manual has been developed with extensive input from across the department. Individuals representing the various capital programs from the modes, regions, and headquarters divisions have contributed their time, knowledge, and expertise to fully capture the details of the policies, procedures, and systems used in the delivery process. This manual truly represents WSDOT’s commitment for delivering the Transportation Capital Programs at the project level. It also reflects the One DO approach that provides consistency between programs while recognizing the uniqueness of each capital program.

  • Publication Number: M 3026
  • Last Modified: September, 2008
  • Version: M 3026.02
  • Manual Manager: Dan Sunde
  • Originator: Strategic Planning and Analysis
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  • Subject: 190
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