Emergency Relief Procedures Manual

This manual provides the legal and procedural guidelines for Washington State Department of Transportation employees to prepare all necessary documentation to respond to and recover from emergencies or disasters that affect the operations of the department, and apply for emergency relief funding from FHWA.

Individual Chapters

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Publication Number: 
M 3014
Last modified: 
07/20/2017 - 09:20
Publication Version: 
M 3014.03
Manual Manager: 
John Himmel (360-705-7973)
Maintenance Operations Division
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Procedures for responding to an emergency or disaster effecting department operations

Emergency Relief Procedures Manual Individual Sections

Contents (pdf 191 KB)
Acronyms (pdf 225 KB)

Introduction (pdf 262 KB)
RCWs, WACs, and Directive (330 KB)
Checklists and Flowcharts (336 KB)
Declaration of Emergency (pdf 346 KB)
Funding and Project Decision Protocols (272 KB)

Maintenance Work (pdf 317 KB)

Construction Work (pdf 315 KB)

Definition of a Project (pdf 285 KB)

Work Order Process  (pdf 396 KB)

FHWA Eligible Work (pdf 354 KB)
Betterments Per FHWA Memorandum (300 KB)
Replacement Facilities (249 KB)
Contracting (pdf 351 KB)

Project Closure (pdf 263 KB)

Environmental Considerations (pdf 395 KB)

Glossary (pdf 244 KB)

Appendix 1 (pdf 310 KB)

Appendix 2 (pdf 303 KB)

Appendix 3 (pdf 305 KB)

Appendix 4 (pdf 265 KB)

Appendix 5 (pdf 282 KB)

Appendix 6 (pdf 412 KB)