Development Services Manual

The Development Services Manual is a major component of the department's overall strategy to promote a consistent statewide development review process and application of mitigation policies. This manual provides policies and procedures for: reviewing proposed developments; assessing development impacts to the state highway system; determining appropriate improvements and or shared contributions to mitigate impacts; writing interlocal agreements and other agreements with local agencies and public and private parties; and considering access to the state highway system.

Individual Chapters

Publication Date: 
Thursday, September 1, 2005
Publication Number: 
M 3007
Last modified: 
05/10/2018 - 17:22
Manual Manager: 
Ramin Pazooki
Policy Development and Regional Coordination, Strategic Planning and Programming Division
Number of Pages: 
Statewide review processes and application of mitigation policies.

Development Services Manual Individual Chapters

April 2016 revision package (pdf 203kb)

Foreword (pdf 128 KB) 

Contents (pdf 207 KB)

Chapter 1  Introduction (pdf 163 KB)

Chapter 2  Coordinating Review and Response (pdf 299 KB)

Chapter 3  SEPA and GMA (pdf 268 KB)

Chapter 4  Analyzing Land-Use Proposals (pdf 218 KB)

Chapter 5  Agreements (pdf 252 KB)

Chapter 6  Managed Access and Limited Access Highways (pdf 337 KB)

Chapter 7  Land Use Appeals (pdf 177 KB)

Appendix 1  WSDOT Development Services Staff (pdf 194KB)

Appendix 2  Sample Response Letters Showing How Different
                  Types of Recommendations Can Be Conveyed (pdf 245KB)

Appendix 3  Significant Court Case Decisions Affecting
                  Developments and Access Control (pdf 163KB)

Appendix 4  Blank (pdf 37KB)

Appendix 5  Example of a Developer Agreement (pdf 1.22MB)

Appendix 6  Developer Agreement/Access Permit Process Flow 
                  Chart (pdf 62KB)

Appendix 7  Example of a Reimbursable Account Form (pdf 189KB)

Appendix 8  Intersection/Channelization Plan for Approval 
                  Checklist (pdf 783KB)

Appendix 9  Example of a Roadway Section (pdf 180KB)

Appendix 10  Traffic Signal Permit Form (pdf 409KB)

Appendix 11  A City or County Interlocal Agreement Model (pdf 378KB)

Appendix 12  Highway Access Management RCW 47.50 (pdf 181KB)

Appendix 13  Highway Access Management-Administrative Process
                    WAC 468-51 (pdf 240KB)

Appendix 14  Highway Access Management-Access Control 
                    Classification System and Standards WAC 468-52 (pdf 182KB)

Appendix 15  City Streets As Part of State Highways RCW 47.24 
                    (pdf 866KB)

Appendix 16  Limited Access Facilities RCW 47.52 (pdf 223KB)

Appendix 17  Limited Access Highways WAC 468-58 (pdf 200KB)

Appendix 18  Limited Access Hearings WAC 468-54 (pdf 141KB)

Appendix 19  Application for Access Connection (pdf 108KB)

Appendix 20  Access Connection Permit (Form 224-005) and 
                    Example Including Exhibits (pdf 311KB)

Appendix 21  Blank (pdf 36KB)

Appendix 22  Sample Cover Letters When Sending Access 
                    Connection Permit Forms (pdf 158KB)

Appendix 23  Example Road Approach Installation Checklist (pdf 140KB)

Appendix 24  Bond Forms, Assignment of Savings Account
                    Certificate of Deposit Form, and Example
                    Bond Release Letter (pdf 163KB)

Appendix 25  Blank (pdf 36KB)

Appendix 26  Plan Review Checklist (pdf 140KB)

Appendix 27  Construction Inspection Checklist (pdf 116KB)

Appendix 28  Local Transportation Act (pdf 136KB)

Appendix 29  LOS Standards Set By MPOs/RTPOs for Regionally
                    Significant (non-HHS) State Highways (pdf 64KB)

Appendix 30  Developer Agreement Mitigation Form (pdf 200KB)

Appendix 31  Guideline for Determining Responsibility for Developer-
                    Required Utility Relocation (pdf 334KB)