A big goodbye to Bertha’s big red crane

By now, drivers on State Route 99 near the stadiums are used to seeing large cranes and machinery near the spot where Bertha will start tunneling this summer. A crane is a crane is a crane, right?

Except when the crane in question is the Barnhart Modular Lift Tower, better known to most as the giant red crane that lowered many of Bertha’s 41 pieces into the pit where she’s getting ready to dig. Aside from having an impressively technical name, the modular lift tower, like Bertha, is impressively large – 125 feet tall and capable of lifting more than 900 tons at a time.

But with Bertha in position and the heaviest lifting all but finished, it’s time to say goodbye to the modular lift tower. Crews have begun taking it apart, and expect to haul it away in pieces in the next week or so. You can watch its disassembly on our launch pit camera. A smaller version of the crane – the one painted white – will remain on site along with more traditional crawler cranes to lower materials into the pit between now and the start of tunneling.

We – and especially Bertha – would like to thank Barnhart and our favorite red modular lift tower for a job well done.