South End

South end


Looking for the heart of construction to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct? Look no further than the massive construction zone to the west of Seattle’s stadiums. This area will change frequently between now and the time the SR 99 tunnel opens to traffic.

Our interactive simulation shows you how the area will evolve as we continue replacing the viaduct. 

Last updated July 30, 2015

Tunnel approach taking shape near stadiums

Just west of Seattle’s stadiums, Seattle Tunnel Partners is continuing to build the future northbound approach to the tunnel. 

SR 99 tunnel south portal


South operations building progress

Seattle Tunnel Partners is making great progress on the south operations building, which is located on the south side of South King Street, just to the north of the tunnel entrance. Visible to northbound drivers, it will house maintenance vehicles, ventilation fans and emergency power when the tunnel opens to traffic. STP installed the building's four ventilation stacks in early July. This post talks more about the tunnel's two operations buildings. 


South portal operations building