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SR 99 - Aurora Bridge Fence - What is context sensitive design?

We are committed to integrating community values into the design of  projects. To accomplish this goal, we will work with community representatives in the context sensitive design process on the Aurora Bridge Fence project.

Context sensitive design (CSD) is a process that broadens the focus of project
development to look beyond the basic transportation issues, and develop
projects that are integrated with the unique contexts of the project setting.
The CSD concept is a collaborative effort that obligates the participants
to understand the impacts and trade-offs associated with project decisions.

Following the selection of the basic design, the public will have an opportunity
provide invaluable insight in how they view the bridge, what design they
would like, and how they feel about the connection of the bridge to the

Two committees will provide input to the design team. The citizen’s advisory
committee will provide guidance and advice to the technical design committee.
The technical design committee will be comprised of experts in historic
preservation and bridge design.  The design team will integrate the recommendations and values of the advisory committees into the fence design.

Advisory committee members include:

  • Ryan Thurston, Seattle FRIENDS
  • Travis Commodore, Office of King County Councilmember Larry Phillips
  • Tim Durkan, Lake Union District Council
  • Bill Blau, Fremont Chamber of Commerce
  • Christine Palmer, Historic Seattle
  • Don Kuch, King County Crisis Clinic
  • Erik Pihl, Fremont Neighborhood Council
  • Jodie Vice, Office of Seattle City Councilmember Jan Drago
  • Don Brubeck, former Landmarks Preservation Board member
  • Ellen Monrad, Queen Anne Community Council

Visit WSDOT’s context sensitive design Web site for more information and examples of the use of CSD on other projects.