SR 539 - Lynden-Aldergrove Port of Entry Improvements - Complete November 2015

Just south of the Canadian border, we widened SR 539 and shifted it to the east to connect to the reconfigured Canada Border Services Agency Aldergrove port of entry. The new lanes opened Nov. 9, 2015.

The additional lanes are designed to reduce backups on SR 539 and improve northbound traffic into Canada. The project added about 500 feet of new lanes: two general purpose lanes, a NEXUS lane and a truck lane. The original SR 539 configuration had just two northbound lanes.


How you benefit

Improves safety
By reducing the wait times and traffic lines, the additional lanes reduce the potential for rear-end collisions on SR 539.

Relieves congestion
Adding two more lanes, including one specifically for trucks, reduces wait times for the Aldergrove border crossing.

Protects environment
This project adds stormwater detention ponds and water treatment systems, improving water quality. It also reduces engine idling at the border crossing, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Economic incentive
The Lynden/Aldergrove border crossing processed $377 million in Washington exports and $40 million in Canadian imports in 2009, the final year before northbound commercial truck restrictions were imposed. The new CBSA port of entry restores full regular commercial truck traffic on SR 539.


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