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SR 520 - News and Updates

July 11, 2017 | WABN Construction Update

Learn about upcoming construction activities and project updates in the latest SR 520 West Approach Bridge North Project Construction Update.

July 13, 2017 | Program News of the WeekNew day, new way
New westbound SR 520 off-ramps coming Monday morning to Montlake

Let the countdown begin! At 5 a.m. Monday, July 17, we will open the newly aligned, permanent off-ramps to Montlake and Lake Washington Boulevards after a weekend-long westbound SR 520 closure.

Keep reading to learn more about the weekend highway closure and upcoming traffic switch.

What to expect this weekend:

  • Westbound SR 520 closure (11 p.m. July 14 – 5 a.m. July 17): All lanes and ramps of westbound SR 520 between 92nd Avenue Northeast and Montlake Boulevard will be closed.
  • SR 520 bicycle and pedestrian path closure: The path on the floating bridge will close for the weekend.
  • Round-the-clock construction: Crews will work around-the-clock to prepare the new off-ramps for traffic. Crews will also use the closure to remove part of an old ramp, add signs, adjust lighting and install plants.

Map of weekend closure limits
Map of WB closure
Click for larger image.

What to expect Monday morning:

  • An earlier exit for the new westbound SR 520 off-ramps: At 5 a.m. Monday, July 17, the new westbound SR 520 off-ramps will open to traffic. Drivers will begin exiting SR 520 at the west end of the floating bridge, a mile farther east than they exit today. Drivers traveling to Roanoke or I-5 will remain on the west approach structure until the new westbound general-purpose and HOV/transit lanes open in August.
  • Continued construction access via the 24th Avenue East bridge: Contractor crews will continue to use the MOHAI staging area in Montlake through the end of the project. The stop sign and construction-only lane at 24th Avenue East will still be in place at the top of the Lake Washington Boulevard off-ramp.

Check out this video , the map below and the WSDOT Blog for more details about how the new ramps will be different from the ramps you drive on today.
Map of new westbound SR 520 exit lane and off-ramps

Map of new westbound SR 520 exit lane and off-ramps

Off-ramps opening map
Click for larger image..

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