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SR 520 - Medina to SR 202: Eastside Transit and HOV Project

Eastside project map  
simulation video of Eastside project
View a simulated rendering of the new Eastside Transit and HOV Project:
photo congestion of WB 520
Prior to completion of new HOV lanes, evening congestion on westbound SR 520 near 92nd Avenue NE.


March 2015


See photos of our Eastside Project celebration on Dec. 16 with Gov. Inslee and Secretary Peterson.

What's happening now on the SR 520 Eastside project?

Eastside's new SR 520 HOV lanes

  • New inside HOV lanes between Lake Washington and I-405 opened in September. Learn more...

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Why is WSDOT enhancing the Eastside transit and HOV system

SR 520 is a busy regional corridor that connects Seattle and key Eastside communities, including Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond. Population and employment have grown dramatically in these communities in recent years, leading to increased traffic and transit demand.

This rise in congestion – and a roadway designed for the 1960s – has led to frustrating commutes and unreliable transit travel times.

The End Result

The Eastside Transit and HOV Project completes and improves the 2.3-mile HOV system from Evergreen Point Road in Medina to 108th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue.

The improved six-lane corridor now includes two general-purpose lanes and one transit/HOV lane in each direction.

The new inside HOV lanes west of 108th Avenue Northeast align with new median transit stops and direct-access ramps for carpools and buses. WSDOT's ultimate plan is to move SR 520's outside HOV lanes east of I-405 to the inside as well, but that move will first require some highway improvements around the SR 520 / I-405 interchange.

Project Benefits

The Eastside Transit and HOV Project provides mobility improvements for transit, general traffic and nonmotorized travel, along with environmental and community enhancements.

Eastside transit service and mobility improvements:

  • Regional bicycle and pedestrian path.
  • Direct-access ramps at 108th Avenue NE for carpools and transit.
  • Wider, safer shoulders.
  • A transit/HOV lane through the Eastside corridor.  
  • Improvement of the Evergreen Point Road Park and Ride.
  • Median transit stops at Evergreen Point Road and 92nd Avenue NE.

Environmental and community enhancements

  • Fish habitat improvements.
  • Noise-reduction systems.
  • Stormwater detention and treatment facilities between Evergreen Point Road and 108th Avenue NE.
  • New lids at Evergreen Point Road, 84th Avenue NE and 92nd Avenue NE.

What is the project timeline?

  • Spring 2010 - Completed environmental process.
  • 2010/2011 - Received permits.
  • Spring 2011 - Began construction.
  • Summer 2014 - Transit improvements open to drivers.
  • 2015 - Expected completion of all Eastside improvements.

Financial Information

This project is fully funded by a variety of state and federal sources, including SR 520 tolling that began in December 2011.

We awarded a $306 million contract to Eastside Corridor Constructors for the Eastside project. 

Visit the SR 520 Costs, Funding and Tolling page for additional information.

How can I get more information?


  • E-mail: @WSDOT_520
  • Hotline: 425-998-5200
  • Mail:
    Eastside Corridor Constructors
    3075 112th Ave. NE, Suite 201
    Bellevue, WA 98004

SR 520 program

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 206-770-3500
  • Infoline: 1-888-520-NEWS (6397)
  • Twitter: @WSDOT_520
  • Mail
    SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program
    999 3rd Avenue, Suite 2200
    Seattle, WA 98104

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