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SR 28 Wenatchee Eastside Corridor Schedule

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Environmental ReviewTraffic Analysis

Begin End Activity
March 2001 March 2001 Origin/Destination Study
February 2001 July 2001 Model Development
June 2001 November 2001 Forecast Development
August 2001 July 2002 EIS Traffic Discipline Report
October 2002 June 2003 Review Discipline Report
June 2003 November 2003 Develop Alternative 3B
November 2003 January 2004 Update Traffic Model
January 2004 February 2004 Revise Discipline Report

Environmental Review

Begin End Activity
March 2001 October 2003
Discipline Reports/ESA Process

Noise Analysis, Air Quality, Wildlife and Vegetation, Wetlands/Waterways/Water Quality, Hydrologic Systems, Regional/Local Transportation, Aesthetics/Visual, Soil/Geology, Historical/Cultural Resources, Recreation [section 4(f)], Economic Elements, Land Use, Utilities, Energy, Public Services, Environmental Justice, Hazardous Materials/Waste, Community Sustainability, Fisheries, Threatened and Endangered Species, Farmland
October 2002 Spring 2003 First Preliminary Draft Environmental Impact Statement (pDEIS)
October 2003 Fall 2004 Update & Revise Discipline Reports
Spring 2003 Winter 2004 Second Preliminary Draft Environmental Impact Statement (pDEIS)
Fall 2004 Winter 2005 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
Spring 2005 Spring 2006 Respond to Public Comments to DEIS and complete additional environmental engineering studies
Fall 2006 Submit Final Environmental Statement (FEIS) to FHWA for review
  November 22, 2006 Final EIS Issued
                              May 2007                   Record of Decision issued


Begin End Activity
February 2001 August 2001
Conceptual Alternatives
Refine Base Maps, Develop Concepts, Engineering Evaluation, Cost Estimate, Right ‘of ‘Way Impacts (number), Define Engineering Criteria Rating, Prepare Rating Matrix, Screen Concepts
August 2001 October 2002
Preliminary DEIS Alternatives
Refine Base Maps, Horizontal Alignment, Vertical Alignment, Roadway Sections, Construction Footprint (grading), Structure Requirements/Location, Utility Impacts, Right-of-Way Requirements, Hydrology (offsite & onsite), Hydraulics, Storm Drainage, Storm Drain Report, Channelization, Traffic Control/Construction Phasing Concept, Paths and Trails, Cost Estimate, DEIS Support, Prepare Draft in Microstation
  June 2002 Value Engineering
July 2003 Fall 2003 Alternative 3B Development

Public Involvement

Begin End Activity
February 2001 February 2001 Develop Public Involvement Plan
February 2001 March 2001 Interview Stakeholders
March 2001 March 2001 Open House: Introduction
May 2001 May 2001 Workshop: Solicit Alternatives
April 2001 Fall 2004 Create and Maintain Web Site
April 2001 Fall 2004 Publish Newsletters
May 2001 Summer 2004 Community Presentations
June 2001 Scoping Meeting: Alternatives
August 2001 Open House
June 2003 Second Open House
January 2004 September 2004 Community Outreach
January 26, 2005 Public Hearing: Draft EIS
November 22, 2006 Final EIS available for review at public libraries or by request