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SR 28 Wenatchee Eastside Corridor Project Public Events

Past Events

Douglas County Public Hearing on Stage 1: August 8, 2007
Douglas County engineers met with the public at their 19th Street offices to show the most current designs for the Eastmont Avenue Extension project.

DEIS Public Hearing: January 26, 2005
A formal public hearing was held on that date after the publication of the Draft EIS in mid December. The meeting allowed interested citizens the opportunity to present both verbal and written comments on the Draft EIS. The Environmental Design Hearing was held at the Eastmont Junior High School Auditorium - 905 8th Street NE in East Wenatchee.

Community Outreach: 2004
A very specific community outreach program was conducted during the early months of 2004, focusing on minority, elderly and low-income populations within the project area. The intent of the program was to gather input from these populations because they tend to be under-represented by the more traditional public outreach process. Outreach activities included presentations at community events attended by these populations. The information supplements data already gathered on the social and economic impacts of the different alternatives.
Community Open House: June 12, 2003
On Thursday, June 12, 2003, over 150 community members attended an open house at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in East Wenatchee. The preliminary preferred alternative - widening Sunset Highway and extending Eastmont Avenue - was presented.
Summary Report

Open House on EIS Alternatives: August 16, 2001
Over one hundred people attended an Open House to review the alternatives proposed for detailed study in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

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Scoping Meeting on Alternatives: June 28, 2001
On Thursday June 28, 2001, over one hundred people attended the Scoping Meeting on Alternatives. The purpose of the meeting was to review the screening process and criteria used to evaluate the 34 alignments proposed at the Introductory Open House and Stakeholder Workshop. The first screening process narrowed the list down to sixteen and the second yielded five concept alignments. The event was open to the general public.
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Stakeholders Workshop: May 16, 2001
On May 16, 2001, approximately forty stakeholders (residents, property owners, orchardists, citizen groups, local government agencies, tribes, and business owners) attended a daylong workshop to help identify potential solutions to the safety and mobility issues in the Eastside Corridor.

A series of panel presentations enabled participants to learn about the various points of view held by their fellow community members. In small working groups, they identified community assets, key destinations, and locations of traffic bottlenecks in the corridor. They then developed rating criteria, designed potential alternatives, and evaluated alternatives by their criteria. Each of the five breakout groups came up with different solutions, while clarifying specific information that needs to be gathered to determine the best route.
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Introductory Open House: March 21, 2001
An Introductory Open House was held on Wednesday, March 21, 2001 to introduce the Eastside Corridor project to the public and to solicit their comments. The event was open to the general public. Download the Summary Report (in Acrobat pdf file format) for an overview of the Open House process, a summary of public comment and a verbatim record of public comments.
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