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SR 104- Hood Canal Bridge - Project Resources

Bookmark this page for a handy source of information including graphics, fact sheets, frequently asked questions, photos, links, tours, contacts and archive material that relates to the Hood Canal Bridge.

Fact Book
Pontoon Construction
Anchor Construction
Other Project Activities
2009 Six-week Bridge Closure
Media Kits
Frequently Asked Questions

Fact Book
    Hood Canal Bridge Project Overview pdf, 382 KB
    History pdf, 183 KB
    Building a Floating Bridge pdf, 167 KB
    Financial Info pdf, 170 KB
    Pontoons pdf, 143 KB
    Hood Canal Bridge Anchors pdf, 198 KB
    West-half Widening pdf, 180 KB
    Approach Span Replacement pdf, 191 KB

Pontoon Construction
Concrete Technology Corp.: Pontoon Construction pdf, 481 KB
    Pontoon PA pdf, 421 KB
    Pontoon PB pdf, 422 KB
    Pontoon Q pdf, 412 KB
    Pontoon Post Tensioning pdf, 157 KB

Anchor Construction
    Todd Pacific Shipyards: Anchor Construction pdf, 204 KB
    Anchor Setting Facts pdf, 215 KB
    Anchor Setting Graphic pdf, 570 KB
Other Project Activities
    Retrofitting R,S,T pontoons pdf, 185 KB
    Pontoon Assembly, Outfitting and Testing pdf, 151 KB
    2009 Six-Week Bridge Closure pdf, 127 KB
    Anchor Cable Replacement pdf, 204 KB

Milestone Events Media Kits

First Concrete Pour- April 28, 2006
    First Pour Fact Card pdf, 544 KB
    Concrete Pour Fact Sheet pdf, 104 KB
    Photo Log pdf, 457 KB

First Pontoon Float-out Dec. 6, 2006
    Float-out One Fact Sheet pdf, 216 KB
    Pontoon Float-out Animation
    Pontoon Float Out Graphic jpg, 49 KB
    Time-Lapse Footage of the Float Out (Windows Media / 0:28)
    Time-Lapse Footage of the Float Out (RealVideo / 0:28)

Pontoons R,S,T Tow- Jan. 8, 2007
    R,S,T Fact Sheet pdf, 187 KB
    Tow Fact Sheet pdf, 117 KB

First Anchor Launch -- Feb. 26, 2007
    Anchor Launch One Fact Sheet pdf, 216 KB

Second Anchor Launch -- June 2007
    Anchor Launch Two Fact Sheet pdf, 148 KB

Second Pontoon Float-out -- July 16, 2007
    Pontoon Float-out Two Fact Sheet pdf, 207 KB

Third Pontoon Float-out -- Feb. 21, 2008
    Pontoon Float-out Three Facts

Fourth Ponotoon Float-out -- Aug. 1, 2008
    Pontoon Float-out Four Facts pdf, 1.45 MB 



Reports, advisories, statements and other WSDOT documents, useful for research.


High resolution print quality photos for the media are available. When using the photos, please include "Photo courtesy of WSDOT" in the credit.

  • Photo Gallery- includes photos of west-half widening, approach span replacement, pontoon & anchor construction, pontoons R,S and T and scenic bridge photos.
  • Scenic Photos