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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the overpass at Sprague too low? I don't see how semis, particularly those with oversized loads, can drive in the right lane of SR 16. 

The minimum vertical clearance for new bridges over roadways is 16 feet 6 inches. At the lowest point under the new bridge over SR 16, the vertical clearance is 17 feet.

For additional information about oversized loads, please go to

When will the Sprague exit coming from south of I-5 be open? And what are the projected completion dates for the Sprague on-ramp to SR 16?

The new SR 16 exits to Sprague Avenue, and the on-ramp from southbound Sprague Avenue to westbound SR 16, opened June 26, 2011.

The Sprague ramp to eastbound SR 16 (and to northbound and southbound I-5) will remain closed through construction of the Eastbound Nalley Valley project.  That project is scheduled to be open to traffic in August 2014.   In the meantime, drivers will continue to use Union Avenue for access to eastbound SR 16.