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Sussex Avenue Street Illumination

Project location map

Pedestrian and street lighting improvements on Sussex Avenue from Ritter Street to Ragless Street including storm drainage improvements as necessary.

Why are we Building This Project?
The City of Tenino has a central business core of historic sandstone and brick buildings, but development has been stymied because sidewalks are in disrepair, street lighting is neither functional or attractive and increasing traffic makes entering and exiting vehicles, as well as pedestrian crossings, dangerous.  When sewers are completed in early 2009, limitations will be lifted, but private investment will still be needed to restore the structures and install interior improvements.  In order to provide an incentive for this investment, the City also needs to improve streetscape with sidewalk upgrades and lighting that create an attractive, customer friendly environment with plentiful nearby parking.

How can I get more information?

Kenneth A. Jones
(360) 264-2368