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North Road Improvement and Pathway Under Railroad Trestle

project location map

Project improves pavement structure, increases vertical clearance at RR trestle, replaces a culvert with a bridge; and constructs a shared-use path through the trestle. Project extends from the intersection of Chumstick Hwy. for 0.5 miles.

Why are we Building This Project?
North Road is a rural major collector and may be used as a detour route for SR 2. This project will improve the pavement structure to an all-weather road. The RR trestle has a vertical clearance of 13-feet and is frequently struck by trucks. This project proposes to lower the roadway at the trestle 1– to 1½–feet. The existing partial fish passage barrier culvert will be replaced with a bridge and natural stream channel to provide year-round passage to endangered and threatened fish species. In addition, this project includes a shared-use path element through the RR trestle, which will allow connectivity through the trestle from Leavenworth to the proposed Amtrak Icicle Station which is scheduled to be constructed this year.

How can I get more information?

Jolene Gosselin-Campbell