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Minnesota Street N of SR 507 Overlay and Enhancements ($158,000 TE)

The project will widen 1,400 LF of Minnesota Street north of SR 507 to the railroad trestle. The existing travel lanes will also be overlaid with a 3-inch asphalt overlay as part of this project. Includes sidewalks, crosswalks, and updated signage throughout the corridor. Also will provide sidewalk on Minnesota Street from SR 507 to the Rainier High School / Middle School Complex. ADA ramps and crosswalks will be installed at existing road crossings. Significant storm water improvements will also be made.

Why are we Building This Project?
Minnesota Street is the main route into the City from the north and is the main vehicular access route into the High School / Middle School complex.  The street was last overlaid in the 1990, and has outlived its expected useful life expectancy.  The existing conditions have posed particular problems for student pedestrian traffic.  In fact, he Rainier School District is currently using levee funds to bus all students to school within a one-mile radius of the schools.  This decision is a result of the district's recognition that the City has inadequate pedestrian facilities to accommodate student pedestrian traffic.

How can I get more information?

Nancy Decker