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Lakewood Traffic Signal Upgrades Phase 3 - Fiber Interconnect

Provide fiber interconnect between City buildings for traffic signal intelligent transportation system (ITS). Fiber interconnect will be routed via aerial (existing utility poles) and existing conduit. Minor excavation to cut-in junction boxes in existing conduit runs, and provide sweeps between aerial to underground conduit will be completed in previously-disturbed soils. Fiber communication equipment will be provided at City buildings.  

Why are we Building This Project?
This project maintains, preserves, and operates its existing transportation system in a safe and usable state. By upgrade the traffic signal system with upgraded technology, we are able to gain more efficiencies with the current system (via signal timing, coordination, dynamic traffic management). The fiber interconnect allows us to connect the signal communications building to City Hall and Police Station where the traffic engineer / police dispatch is located. This will allow real-time view of the traffic flow to make changes to signal timing and coordination. Police will be able to respond to traffic situations accordingly.

How can I get more information?
Desiree Winkler
(253) 983-7818