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Bakerview & Hannegan/Woburn

Pavement preservation resurfacing of all-weather arterials. Arterials include East Bakerview Road (Landon Road to Hannegan Road) and Hannegan Road (East Bakerview Road to Sunset Drive).

Why are we Building This Project?  
These projects will maintain and protect the initial investment in these vital, all-weather arterial streets, both of which serve Bellingham’s primary industrial area. Resurfacing will also improve safety and ensure an adequate quality driving surface at an optimized life-cycle cost. East Bakerview Road is the only eastwest arterial connection between Interstate 5 and Hannegan Road and provides primary access to Bellingham’s largest retail shopping district, State Route 539 with access to Canada, a 640-acre area that has just been annexed to the City, and the 800-acre Bakerview Industrial Area. Hannegan Road is a major north-south point of entry to Bellingham from rural Whatcom County and provides primary access to the 800-acre Bakerview Industrial Area, the Sunset Drive retail shopping district, State Route 542 with access to east Whatcom County, and the Barkley Urban Village.

How can I get more information?

Rory Routhe

Estimated Total Cost: $1,600,000

Amount of ARRA Funds: $1,332,140