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Ault Field Road Widening

Widening of Ault Field Road between Oak Harbor Road and Goldie Road to provide additional travel lane. This is Phase 2 of the improvement project.

Why are we Building This Project?
Ault Field Road coincides with the northern border of the Oak Harbor Urban Growth Area.  Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, by far the largest employment center in Island County, is adjacent to the north of Ault Field Road.  The Ault Field Road is located between two main gates that provide access to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.  Additionally, the area to the south of Ault Field Road is designated as a Commercial Enterprise by the City of Oak Harbor and Island County and is the only zoning of this type in the region.  This improvement is a crucial link in the transportation system of our most important economic area.  It is imperative, for the effective operation of the Air Station gates and the vitality of the adjacent commercial area, that traffic through the Ault Field Road flows as efficiently and safely as possible.

How can I get more information?

William E. Oakes, PE