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Annual Asphalt Overlay

Resurface up to three streets within Edmonds. Street resurfacing will be accomplished by grinding existing asphalt pavement followed by a HMA overlay. The streets to be overlaid are Dayton Street (5th Ave to Sunset Ave), 212th St. SW (72nd Ave W to 84th Ave W) and 220th St. SW (SR99 to 84th Ave W).  Existing curb ramps that do not meet ADA standards will be removed and replaced. The existing concrete crosswalk at Dayton and 5th Ave will be removed and replaced. Misc improvements include striping, structure adjustment and signal loop repair. 

Why are we Building This Project?
The purpose of this project is pavement rehabilitation of existing City streets that are in poor condition.  The asphalt overlay will reduce the maintenance costs for temporary repairs and associated delays to the traveling public.  An additional benefit is the replacement and upgrade of several wheel chair ramps to meet ADA standards.

How can I get more information?

Noel Miller