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Lundeen Park Way Roundabout

This project will combine two intersections into one, which will improve traffic flow and safety. By combining the two intersections, the roundabout will simplify the intersection layout with removal of the right turn slip lanes, the need for left-turn lanes and eliminate driver confusion that is a result of the closely spaced intersections. The project will eliminate the sight-distance challenges for traffic entering Lundeen Parkway and will increase pedestrian safety with low speed crossing, will remove a sharp crest vertical curve for the north-south traffic.

Why are we Building This Project? 
The project will redirect Vernon Road cut-through traffic back to SR 9, which will make Vernon Road a safer route for pedestrians and bicyclists. The roundabout will provide a traffic calming effect and will provide continuity to the Callow Road roundabout to the east.

How can I get more information?

Arnie Clark