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Lake Washington Congestion Management - Commute Options

The Lake Washington Congestion Management Urban Partnership Agreement supports programs that promote ways to share your ride – and share the cost of the SR 520 bridge toll - or meet your needs without taking a trip at all. These include a variety of programs that make it easier for you to work from home, compress your work week, ride the bus, carpool, vanpool, bicycle, walk, combine trips and shop closer to home.

Telework and Commute Options Improvements Timeline

  • March 2010 - New launches, offering improved carpool and vanpool ride matching, personal results tracking more.
  • Summer/Fall 2010 - Outreach begins to Employer Network Groups around the SR 520 area to promote telework schedules, carpools, vanpools and other commute options.
  • Fall 2010 - Rideshare Online "Wheel Options" outreach kicks off, and downtown Bellevue commuter outreach begins.
  • Spring 2011 - Outreach campaign launches in partnership with University of Washington Commuter Services.