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I-5 - Vicinity Tumwater Blvd to Gravelly Lake Dr - Paving

Project Status Complete
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Project Photos

Location of the I-5 bridge expansion joint in Olympia.
Location of the replaced I-5 bridge expansion joint in Olympia. Click here for larger photo on Flickr.


Oct. 2015

  • Crews have successfully removed and replaced an aging bridge expansion joint from both directions of I-5 and the on- and off-ramps for US 101 in Olympia. All lanes have been restriped to their original configurations.
  • This particular expansion joint was installed in the mid-1980's and was temporarily repaired several times in recent years.
  • This project also ground down the old pavement, repaired damaged areas and resurfaces segments of Interstate 5 between Tumwater and Lakewood.


Why is WSDOT repaving segments of Interstate 5 between Tumwater and Lakewood and replacing a bridge expansion joint at the intersection of US 101 and I-5 in Olympia?
After years of heavy traffic, sections of pavement along this portion of Interstate 5 are showing signs of deterioration and rutting, and needs to be resurfaced. A new surface will help reduce annual maintenance, repair costs and keep the freeway open for daily drivers and freight haulers. 

Expansion joints are a critical part of a bridge’s infrastructure. The joints allow the bridge to move and flex with changing traffic and weather conditions. The 28-year-old expansion joint that spans the width of northbound and southbound Interstate 5 needs repair. The concrete surrounding the joints has deteriorated, which could lead to the expansion joints failing and popping up into traffic creating a safety hazard for the drivers. The synthetic rubber seals are broken allowing water to leak through the joints, washing away soil under the bridge. WSDOT replaced the concrete headers around the expansion joint and replace the rubber seals with a silicone-based seal.

The End Result
This project will extend the useful life of the pavement and the bridge expansion joints, therefore improving safety for the approximately 144,000 drivers who use this stretch of Interstate 5 on a daily basis.

Project Benefits
This project will extend the useful life of the pavement for approximately 20 years.

What is the project timeline?
Fall/Winter 2013: Project was designed.
April 2014: Project advertised for competitive bid.
July 2014: Estimated start date.
Fall 2014: Completion

Financial Information

This project is funded from the following Source:

                     Financial Data for PIN 300599L
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $5,043
Total $5,043

How can I get more information?
Ricky Bhalla
Project Engineer

Claudia Bingham Baker
WSDOT Communications

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