Project Info

I-5 - Nooksack River Bridges - Painting - Completed August 2015

We repainted the I-5 Nooksack River bridges in 2014-2015. The bridges were last painted in 1987. Aging and flaking paint exposed the steel to the elements, which created rust and corrosion. Repainting the bridges preserves their integrity.

Starting in May 2014 crews built a containment system of scaffolding and plastic, then cleaned dirt, stripped the old paint and removed rust from the bridges. As the bridge cleaning and preparation progressed, they repainted sections of the bridges until the project shut down for the winter in November 2014. In May 2015 work began again and was completed in August 2015.

How you benefit

Protects environment
Cleaning and repainting the bridge keeps flaking paint and rusty metal from falling into the Nooksack River.

Economic incentive
Painting the bridges preserves and protects the structures from the elements. It reduces the need for maintenance and extends the life of the bridge.

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