I-5 - N. Fork Lewis River Bridge - Painting - Complete November 2014

This project cleaned and painted the steel on the I-5 bridges over the North Fork Lewis River to preserve and protect the structures. The bridges are located just south of Woodland near the Clark/Cowlitz county line. 

Like a home, steel bridges have to be painted on a regular basis to protect them from the elements.

The southbound bridge was built in 1940, and the northbound bridge was built in 1968. The bridges have been painted multiple times over the years. The last painting project was in 1990.

The removal of rust and reapplication of specialty bridge paint will protect the structures for approximately 20 years.

The project was completed late fall 2014.

How you benefit

Protects environment
Paint, rust and other debris were contained during construction to protect the environment.

Economic incentive
This project preserves a vital I-5 transportation connection, allowing it to continue handling commuter and freight traffic for many years to come. It helps to prevent future corrosion and preserve the bridge’s structural integrity.

Partnerships & cooperation
The bridges were painted by Geronimo Painting Company of Lisbon, Ohio.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $15,116,000
Total: $15,116,000


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