Project Info

I-5 - Mount Vernon to Joe Leary Slough - Paving - Completed October 2015

We repaved about five miles of southbound I-5 near Burlington and Mount Vernon between Joe Leary Slough and SR 538/College Way. We also repaved the on- and off-ramps at SR 538/College Way and George Hopper Road, as well as a section of George Hopper Road near the interchange.

Starting in July 2015 crews used a grinder to remove about two inches of the old asphalt, then repaved the interstate and interchanges with about two inches of new asphalt. When the paving was complete, they restriped the lanes. Work was completed in September 2015.

How you benefit

Improves safety
Repaving this section of I-5 eliminates ruts and cracks where water can collect, improving traction and safety for drivers.

Economic incentive
This project extends the life of the interstate and reduces the maintenance costs associated with repairing old and cracked pavement.


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