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I-405 Congestion Relief & Bus Rapid Transit Projects - Bellevue Nickel Environmental Assessment

I-405, SE 8th St to I-90 - Bellevue Nickel Improvement Project Environmental Assessment

In January 2005, WSDOT published an Environmental Assessment for the Bellevue Nickel Improvement Project. The Environmental Assessment contains the results of our studies on how this project may affect the environment.

The Federal Highway Administration analyzed our Environmental Assessment and in August 2006 issues a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for this project. The FONSI presents the reasons why building this project will not have a significant effect on the environment and therefore does not require that we prepare an Environmental Impact Statement.

We published a Notice of Availability for the FONSI on August 31, 2006, and below you can download the FONSI in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (.pdf).

Bellevue Nickel Improvement Project FONSI - Part 1 (pdf 2.5 mb)
Bellevue Nickel Improvement Project FONSI - Part 2 (pdf 3.1 mb)

Environmental Assessment Cover (pdf 441 kb)
Fact Sheet (pdf 678 kb)
Title VI Language (pdf 154 kb) 
Table of Contents (pdf 79.3 kb)

Chapter 1:  Executive Summary (pdf 478 kb)
Chapter 2:  Why do we need this project? (pdf 153 kb)
Chapter 3:  Developing the Alternatives (pdf 118 kb)
Chapter 4:  Description of the Project (pdf 2.83 mb)
Chapter 5:  The Environment:  What's There Now, Project Effects, and Mitigation
    5.1:  Traffic and Transportation (pdf 298 kb)
    5.2:  Noise and Vibration Analysis (pdf 1.01 mb)
    5.3:  Fisheries and Aquatics (pdf 168 kb)
    5.4:  Surface Water, Water Quality, and Floodplains (pdf 3.82 mb)
    5.5:  Upland Vegetation and Wildlife (pdf 475 kb)
    5.6:  Wetlands (pdf 2.36 mb)
    5.7:  Historic, Cultural, and Architectural Resources, and Section 4(f)Evaluation (pdf 457 kb)
    5.8:  Visual Quality (pdf 249 kb)  
Chapter 6:  List of Preparers (pdf 68.4 kb)
Chapter 7:  References (pdf 66.5 kb)

Appendix A:  Glossary (pdf 262 kb)
Appendix B:  Avoidance and Minimization Measures (pdf 262 kb)
Appendix C:  Agency and Tribal Correspondences (pdf 123 kb)

Discipline Reports, I-405 Bellevue Nickel Improvement Project
I-90 to Southeast 8th Street 

Air Quality (pdf 1.97 mb)
Cumulative Effects Analysis (pdf 2.36 mb)
Economics (pdf 2.13 mb)
Energy (pdf 1.55 mb)
Environmental Justice (pdf 2.14 mb)
Fisheries & Aquatic Resources (pdf 1.99 mb)
Geology, Soils & Groundwater (pdf 2.84 mb)
Hazardous Materials (pdf 1.87 mb)
Historic, Cultural, and Archeological 
    Introduction (pdf 2,017 kb)
    Existing Conditions (pdf 1,425 kb)
    Potential Effects / Measures to avoid or minimize project effects (pdf 269 kb)
    Reference /Appendices (pdf 2,716 kb)
Land Use, Patterns, Plans & Policies (pdf 2.65 mb)
Noise and Vibration (pdf 2.42 mb)
Public Services (pdf 2.21 mb)
Section 4 (f) Resources (pdf 1.83 mb)
Social Elements (pdf 2.37 mb)
Surface Water, Floodplains & Water Quality (pdf 3.79 mb)
Traffic and Transportation (pdf 12.7 mb)
    Introduction (pdf 4,281 kb)
    Existing Conditions (pdf 1,310 kb)
    Potential Effects / Measures to avoid or minimize project effects (pdf 2,482 kb)
    Reference / Appendices (pdf 1,245 kb)
Visual Quality (pdf 2.24 mb)
Upland Vegetation and Wildlife (pdf 1.92 mb)
Wetlands (pdf 2.07 mb)