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Consultant Information

What is needed to build or modify a traffic signal?

Signal permit application (pdf 21 kb): provides the guidelines for information that is needed for review of a proposed signal and can lead to the required permit.  Modification of an existing traffic signal or construction of a new signal requires WSDOT review and approval.

What is needed to turn on a traffic signal?

Traffic Signal turn_on Checklist (Word 22 kb): lists critical items of work that must be completed and submitted before scheduling the turning on of a traffic signal.

Can a property owner just add a cell tower to their property?

Cell tower permit (pdf 16 kb):  This is a special access permit for cell towers only.  Please print the application, complete it and mail it to WSDOT.

How can a property owner obtain permission to access a limited access highway?

Breaking Limited Access  (pdf 22 kb):  This is a two page document that provides the information that is required to ask for a break in limited access, either temporary or permanent.

What information is required on a WSDOT channelization plan?

Channelization plan Checklist (pdf 54 kb), Channelization Plan Checklist (Word 35 kb) and Channelization Plan Elements (pdf 351 kb) : This will help you include only the required information and elements on your channelization plan, minimize the review time and the need for re-submittals. All channelization plans are kept by WSDOT for reference until they are superseded by new construction

What is required for Striping Plans?

Striping Plan Criterion (pdf 23 kb) is used when reviewing Striping Plans submitted by consultants.

What is needed if the design can not meet WSDOT Design Manual guidelines?

Deviation guidelines (pdf 100 kb) and cover sheet (pdf 17 kb):  will help you produce the documentation needed when you are unable to meet WSDOT design guidelines.  A Deviation Request must be submitted to receive authorization to deviate from guidelines and must be obtained from WSDOT.

Is there a checklist for items WSDOT looks at for plans other than channelization?

Plan review checklist  (pdf 13 kb):  will help assure the first submitted plans show all the information needed for a complete review; minimizing the review time and the need for re-submittal.  All work within state owned right-of-way must be reviewed and approved by WSDOT.

WSDOT will ultimately be paying the utility bill for the work the property owner is doing.  How do we make sure that happens?

Service agreement checklist (pdf 9 kb):  will provide a guide for the information that will make the approval process for a service agreement easier, minimizing the review time and the need for re-submittals. 
A service agreement is required when the WSDOT will be paying for ongoing utility service (electric, telephone, water, etc.) in a facility constructed by a developer or homeowner.

The development is in Snohomish County.  Where is the level of service information I need for my traffic analysis?

State highway intersections (pdf 124 kb):  Information is provided for traffic studies that are required to analyze the level of service per the interlocal agreement between Snohomish County and WSDOT section 5.3.A.

How is traffic mitigation calculated under the Snohomish County Interlocal Agreement?

There are two options:

Exhibit C of the Interlocal agreement lists the pro-rata share for programmed mobility project for calculating the traffic mitigation to determine the impacts of this plat’s traffic on individual state highway improvement projects.

Contribute $36.00/ADT (generated by the development) towards impacted state highway projects

Are there any examples of Channelization Plans available?

Channelization plan examples:  may answer further questions you have about WSDOT requirements on channelization plans.