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Private Development

How do I get permission to do construction between my property and the highway?

General permit (pdf 253 kb): This must be obtained before cities and counties begin construction within WSDOT right-of-way.  Special Provisions must be followed during the construction of the development

What is needed to build or modify a traffic signal?

Signal permit application (pdf 21 kb): This provides the guidelines for information that is needed for plan review and approval, which leads to obtaining a signal permit. Modification of an existing traffic signal and construction of a new signal requires WSDOT review, approval, and issuance of a signal permit.

What is needed to turn on a traffic signal?

Traffic Signal turn_on Checklist (Word 22 kb): lists critical items of work that must be completed and submitted before scheduling the turning on of a traffic signal.

Can I just add a cell tower to my property?

Cell tower permit ( pdf 16 kb): This is an access permit required for cell towers. Please print the application, complete and mail to WSDOT.

What information is required on a WSDOT channelization plan?

Channelization plan Checklist   (pdf 54 kb), Channelization Plan Checklist (Word 35 kb) and Channelization Plan Elements (351kb): This will help you include only the required information and elements on your channelization plan, minimize the review time and the need for re-submittals. All channelization plans are kept by WSDOT for reference until they are superseded by new construction.

Are there any examples of Channelization Plans available?

Channelization Plan examples : may answer further questions you have about WSDOT requirements on channelization plans. 

What is required for Striping Plans?

Striping Plan Criterion (pdf 23kb) is frequently used when reviewing Private Development Striping Plans.

What is needed if my design doesn’t meet the WSDOT Design Manual guidelines?

Deviation guidelines (pdf 10 kb): and cover sheet. These will help you produce the documentation needed when you are unable to meet WSDOT design guidelines. A Deviation Request must be submitted to receive authorization to deviate from guidelines and must be obtained from WSDOT.

WSDOT will ultimately be paying the utility bill for the work I am doing. How do I make sure that happens?

Service agreement checklist (pdf 9 kb): will provide a guide for the information that will make the approval process for a service agreement easier, minimizing the review time and the need for re-submittals.

A service agreement is required when the WSDOT will be paying for ongoing utility service (electric, telephone, water, etc.) in a facility constructed by a developer or homeowner.

What is the last step before I can begin construction in the state right-of-way?

A pre-construction conference (pdf 36 kb) must be held before any construction within the state right-of-way can begin. This agenda provides a list of items to be brought to and addressed during the meeting. The WSDOT representative will schedule the meeting, between the WSDOT representative and developer or property owner and their contractor.

What information do I need to bring to the pre-con other than my permits?

Prior to beginning construction, a developer or property owner must provide a guarantee that all the construction within the WSDOT right-of-way will be paid for. Two options for providing the guarantee are available:

  1. Assignment of savings account (pdf 9 kb): This reserves money in a bank to act as a bond for completion of an approved permit for work on a State Route. It is the alternative to acquiring a bond through a bonding company.
  2. Bond for an agreement (pdf 263 kb) and bond for a permit (pdf 242 kb): A bond for an agreement is used with a developer agreement. A bond for a permit is used with a general permit. They reserve a bonded amount of money to ensure completion of an agreed upon amount of work on a state highway.

My development is in Snohomish County. Where can I find the level of service information I need for my traffic analysis?

State highway intersections (pdf 124 kb): This information is provided for traffic studies that are required to analyze the level of service per the interlocal agreement between Snohomish County and WSDOT.

Is there a form to use for the traffic mitigation offer?

Yes, there are three choices.

The traffic mitigation offer form states the legal basis and provides the outline for a developer to voluntarily agree to mitigate their impacts on WSDOT highways. This agreement provides the option of constructing improvements to State highway facilities or pay a prorata share of the cost of the mitigation instead of constructing the improvements.

There are three different forms based on the location of the land use proposal:

The interlocal agreement between WSDOT and Snohomish County, offers developers two choices to mitigate their traffic impacts to state highways:

What does the WSDOT inspector look at when he inspects my driveway?

Inspection checklist (pdf 9 kb): This answers most questions about what WSDOT inspects.

Can I see what a “Developer Agreement” says?

Developer Agreement examples: These examples are provided as information and a courtesy only. Agreements are completed by WSDOT after our engineers have approved all the required plans.

I have been told I have to pay the review costs for my development. What is the process for paying those costs?

Sample JA Account (pdf 53 kb): This is provided as information only. This is a billable account that will cover WSDOT’s actual costs for reviewing, commenting on, and providing final approval of submitted plans, attending meetings with developer/property owner, their representatives and construction inspection.