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Read all about it: 52nd “Gray Notebook” highlights WSDOT’s performance progress

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 13:47

Daniela Bremmer, WSDOT director of Strategic Assessment and Performance Analysis, 360-705-7953
Joanne Wearley, WSDOT Performance Reporting branch manager, 360-704-6335

OLYMPIA – The condition of state roads, safety of those who walk and bike, and how tolling does more than just pay for projects are some of the focal points in the latest edition of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s quarterly performance and accountability report.

WSDOT released the 52nd “Gray Notebook” (pdf 5.3mb) this week, providing everyone from law makers and transit agencies to counties, cities and ports in-depth information and updates on the projects and programs that shape the state’s transportation system. It also shows how WSDOT’s work ties into Gov. Jay Inslee’s performance management program, Results Washington, which outlines his priorities for the state.

Performance measures reported in this edition include:

  • Pavement conditions: Innovative management kept 91.8 percent of WSDOT roads in fair or better condition in 2012. (pp. 6-11) pdf 5.3mb
  • Pedestrian and bicyclist safety: Pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities increased in 2012, accounting for 19 percent of all traffic fatalities in Washington. (pp. 2-5) pdf 5.3mb
  • Tolling: More than 80 percent of tolls were paid through Good To Go! accounts in fiscal year 2013, on par with tolling industry peers (pp. 31-33) pdf 5.3mb
  • Fish passage barriers: WSDOT completed 15 fish passage projects in 2013, restoring migratory fish access to 66 miles of potential habitat. (pp. 23-24) pdf 5.3mb

In addition to regular quarterly updates on programs ranging from rail to ferries, the publication includes annual reports on WSDOT’s ongoing efforts to improve how it maintains its infrastructure, and how well the agency is complying with environmental regulations.

“Providing a truly transparent view of how our programs and projects are performing is essential to helping us maintain accountability with taxpayers,” said Daniela Bremmer, WSDOT director of Strategic Assessment and Performance Analysis. 

To find out more about WSDOT accountability and view “Gray Notebook52,” or the condensed “Lite” version, visit www.wsdot.wa.gov/Accountability/.


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