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Eight is great – new SR 520 pontoons to float out this weekend in Tacoma

Friday, July 26, 2013 - 14:45

Debera Carlton Harrell, SR 520 Communications, 206-819-7230 (cell)

32 out of 77 SR 520 bridge pontoons now complete

TACOMA – Progress continues on the new State Route 520 floating bridge pontoons, as eight more have been completed at the Concrete Tech Corporation casting facility in Tacoma.

Beginning Saturday, July 27 through Tuesday, July 30, the eight supplemental stability pontoons will be towed out in pairs nightly, taking advantage of high tides. Crews working for contractor Kiewit/General/Manson, A Joint Venture, will begin flooding the casting basin tonight so float-out can begin tomorrow.

This float-out follows six months of construction at the Concrete Tech Corporation site, wrapping up the third of six pontoon construction cycles in Tacoma. The pontoons will remain at a Tacoma moorage site until they’re needed on Lake Washington for the new SR 520 floating bridge.

The supplemental pontoons are built to provide stability when attached to larger longitudinal pontoons built in Aberdeen. The supplemental pontoons each weigh 2,500 to 2,820 tons and measure 100 feet long, 50 to 60 feet wide and about 28 feet tall.

Updated materials, including photos, videos and towing details, will be posted online on the SR 520 Pontoon Tracking Web page when available.

These eight pontoons bring to 32 the number of pontoons completed out of the 77 total pontoons needed to construct the world’s longest floating bridge. Six more currently are under construction in Aberdeen. During the course of floating bridge construction, 44 Tacoma pontoons will be joined with 33 pontoons built in Aberdeen for the total 77 pontoons.

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