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WSDOT Sponsored Training for Local Agencies

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Training classes listed on this page are conducted by various WSDOT departments and are open to Local Agencies.  There are restrictions on enrollment for Design and Construction classes - please see information below.
WSDOT Training Offered for Local Agencies:

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WSDOT Training Classes

Local agencies that may participate in these training classes are: cities, counties, ports, tribes, and transit agencies.
Restricted Registration:  These are WSDOT employee training classes.  There are no more than three to five seats per class for local agencies. Your enrollment will be limited to one person per agency per class.  Because these classes are very popular, we ask that if you enroll, please make every effort to attend. If you are unable to attend at the last minute, you may send someone in your place.

Note to Consultants: WSDOT sponsored training classes are open to consultants ONLY if they are currently under contract with a local agency.  Local agencies should register consultants as a local agency employee.  All requests for consultant attendance at WSDOT sponsored classes MUST come from the local agency and not the consultant directly.

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WSDOT Training 

Descriptions for Courses 
Classes are free - Design classes have only 3 to 5 seats each.
Design training season is approximately September through March.  Please note restricted enrollment above.

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