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Collision Data for Local Agencies

Cities, counties, tribes, and other organizations often use collision data to identify and prioritize issues and projects. Developing projects that address collisions is also a requirement for certain types of funding.

When a collision occurs on a local public roadway or state highway in Washington, the collision report is sent to the Washington State Patrol for storage. The exception is some roads of tribal jurisdiction. WSDOT's Transportation Data & GIS division partners with Washington State Patrol to code each collision report, except citizen-generated collision reports, into the state's collision database. Local agency transportation professionals then have access to this data to make decisions. 

Get collision data (generated from collision reports)

Contact WSDOT's Transportation Crash Data & Reporting Branch to get collision data. This begins by filling out a Collision Data Request form. The division then provides data in hard copy, PDF, or Excel formats, depending on what the customer needs. Citizen reported collisions will not be included in the data. However, local agency transportation professionals can still view copies of these reports. See the Collision Reports section below to find out how. For questions please contact  or 360-570-2454.

It is possible for cities to get access to monthly downloads of collision data as well. Contact Matty Olesh, 360-570-2465, to ask for a password to your data. If a city wants additional data beyond the one month, please follow the above instructions to fill out a Collision Data Request form.

Get collision reports

  1. Local agency transportation professionals can ask their police or sheriff's office for a copy of a police officer's actual collision report.
  2. Local agency transportation professionals can ask WSDOT for reports free of charge by the following methods:
    • Local agencies with an occasional need to view collision reports can request them directly from Washington State Patrol. List the collision report number(s) on letterhead stationery and email it to Tracy Perkins . Or fax the letter to: Washington State Patrol Collision Records—Attention Request Unit, at fax number 360-570-2500.
    • Local agencies with a frequent need to view collision reports can request access to an online viewer (software). Please contact Matty Olesh , 360-570-2465.