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Collision Data for Local Agencies

Local agencies can identify and prioritize issues and projects using collision data. WSDOT's Collision Data and Analysis division turns collision reports from state, county, city, tribal, and other police agencies into data. Local agency traffic engineers have access to this data to make decisions.

What's New

Change in how WSDOT collects data on citizen-generated collision reports

Citizens can still submit a collision report for their traffic collision to the police department where their collision occurred. However, December 31, 2008 was the last day that WSDOT turned these reports into collision data. Local agency traffic engineers can still get basic information about these collisions and can still view copies of these reports. Contact Ashlee Holtz, 360-570-2509.

Obtaining Collision Data & Reports

Local agency traffic engineers can get collision data and copies of collision reports from WSDOT.

Collision Data:

Local agencies with collision analysis software

Local agencies with collision analysis software can request raw collision data from WSDOT's Collision Data & Analysis branch. Contact Ashlee Holtz, 360-570-2509.

Local agencies without collision analysis software

  1. Local agencies can work with WSDOT's Collision Data and Analysis division to get collision data. This begins by filling out a Collision Data Request form. This office then provides data in hard copy, PDF, and Excel formats. For questions please contact 360-570-2454 or
  2. Counties can get Mobility software from Washington State's County Road Administration Board.
  3. Cities can get free software from Traffic Services called Collision Data Analysis Tool (CDAT). They can then work with WSDOT's Collision Data and Analysis division to download monthly data.

Collision Reports:

Local agency traffic engineers can ask their police or sheriff's office for a copy of a police officer's actual collision report. They can also ask WSDOT for reports free of charge by the following methods:

Local agencies with an occasional need to view collision reports

List the collision report number(s) on letterhead stationery and fax it to State Patrol Collision Records—Attention Request Unit, at fax # 360-570-2500. Or e-mail the letter to Tracy Perkins.

Local agencies with a frequent need to view collision reports

Request access to an online viewer to view your city’s collision reports. Please contact Ashlee Holtz, 360-570-2507.

Analyzing Collision Data

The Traffic Services Manager can help local agencies interpret collision data.