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Traffic Safety for Local Agencies

Conducting a field review

Federal HSIP Funding

Traffic Services administers federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding to cities and counties.

Collision Data

Obtain and analyze local agency collision data.

Every Day Counts (EDC) Initiative

The goal of the  Every Day Counts (EDC) initiative is to "identify and deploy innovatation aimed at shortening project delivery, enhancing safety of our roadways, and protecting the environment." Federal Highway Administration leads the initiative.

EDC technology and innovation strategies related to traffic engineering and safety include such techniques as:

  • Road diets
  • Smarter work zones
  • Railroad coordination
  • Data-driven safety analysis
  • Stakeholder partnering
  • Regional models of cooperation


Traffic Services offers technical assistance, programs, and funding to cities, counties, and tribal governments on traffic safety. Contact the Traffic Services Manager for assistance with the following topics.

Local Programs Safety Programs

Washington State's Safety Plan

Cover of Washington State's Strategic Highway Safety Plan 2013 (Target Zero) Washington state's goal is to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injury collisions for all roadway users on all public roadways to zero by the year 2030. Washington State's Strategic Highway Safety Plan 2013: Target Zero  presents our priorities for traffic safety. This document is currently being updated. Get more information .

Best Practices

The following documents provide the latest information on addressing traffic safety issues.