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Local Agency Access Management

Local agencies in Washington State constantly weigh the competing needs of access to property, mobility of travel, and safety along highways, roads, and streets.

According to the Transportation Research Board's 2014 Access Management Manual, "Access management is the coordinated planning, regulation, and design of access between roadways and land development. It involves the systematic control of the location, spacing, design, and operation of driveways, median openings, interchanges, and street connections to a roadway, as well as roadway design applications that affect access. (These include such things) as median treatments and auxiliary lanes, and the appropriate separation of traffic signals."

The following are resources for local agencies on access management.

Training classes, webinars, videos

Webinar and classroom training through LTAP

Classroom training through the National Highway Institute

Access Management, Location, and Design


Traffic Engineering WA Listserv

Subscribe  to this free listserv to ask questions, exchange information, and build relationships with traffic and transportation engineering and operations professionals in Washington State about access management or other topics.

Access Management Listserv

Subscribe to the Transportation Research Board's free listserv on access management.

Other Listservs

These free national listservs are also available for free to discuss access management or other topics:


Information and Best Practices

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)  Access Management

Transportation Research Board (TRB) Access Management

University of South Florida

Center for Urban Transportation Research

WSDOT (for projects on state highways)

Access Management and Hearings

Public Involvement

Practices of Local Agencies in WA

In 2012, Local Programs and the Federal Highway Administration conducted a process review to understand Washington State local agency:

  • use of access management
  • use of access management plans, processes, policies, or guidelines
  • desire for training on access management

View the resulting report ( pdf 983 KB ).

RCWs & WACs for State Highways