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Local agency traffic and safety

A crosswalk and median in Port Townsend, Washington. Traffic & Safety Services provides technical assistance and training to local jurisdictions to increase the safety and mobility of multimodal roadway users. We also promote and facilitate information sharing between jurisdictions and serve as a liaison between governments.

Providing technical assistance:
Here are some examples of how we can help.

  • Applying traffic laws and rules and design standards.
  • Using traffic control devices, including the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), changes and experimentations for the MUTCD, and WAC 468-95 (which modifies the MUTCD for Washington state's circumstances).
  • Helping apply tools to manage motor vehicle speed and access, including traffic calming, road diets, complete streets, and access management.
  • Helping reduce fatal and serious injury crashes through:
    - Helping analyze crash data once it is obtained. Helping develop solutions that have the potential to reduce crashes.
    - Conducting operational reviews of roads and streets.
    - Developing or updating local road safety plans (pdf 235 kb).
  • Helping develop projects for Federal Highway Administration's Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) Demonstration Program funding.
  • Loaning equipment: Contact the E-Learning Coordinator to borrow the following:
    • Pavement marking retroreflectometer
    • Traffic sign retroreflectometer
    • Retroreflective sign calibration panels
    • Retroreflective sign panel comparison kit
    • Ball bank indicator for horizontal curves
    • Highway Safety Manual

Helping local agencies learn from their peers: Traffic Services provides opportunities for local jurisdictions and their partners to connect with their peers through the Washington Transportation Professionals Forum (WTPF).

Connecting local jurisdictions with traffic resources from other WSDOT offices and the Federal Highway Administration
: Here are some examples.

Contact us: Traffic Services Manager