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ROW Training & Education


IRWA International Education Conference
June 24-27, 2018 in Edmonton, AB, Canada
June 9-12, 2019 in Portland, OR
June 21-24, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN

ROW Training Plan
Local Programs ROW provides consistent, predictable and repeatable educational opportunities on ROW matters for local Agencies and consultants.

Annual Local Agency ROW Meeting
Offered: Annually in each region area
Description: WSDOT Local Programs will hold meetings in several locations to discuss updates, issues, and best management practices for right of way activities on federal aid transportation projects. The meetings are intended for Local Agency and Consultant personnel involved in ROW activities at any level.

Core Curriculum ROW Courses
Offered: Annually, at summertime in Eastern and Western Washington
Description: WSDOT Local Programs will offer ROW training specific to federal-aid requirements in accordance with LAG Chapter 25, WSDOT’s ROW Manual, the Uniform Act, and the Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Part 24 for local agency and consultant personnel involved in ROW activities at any level.

PowerPoints for previously offered courses:
Basic Acquisition Polices Presentation (pdf 206 kb)
Appraisal Scoping (pdf 1.11 mb)
ROW Certification (pdf 1.29 mb)
Sufficient Property Rights Presentation (pdf 1.04 mb)
Diary Entries Presentation (pdf 520kb)

No ROW Verification Webinar
Offered: Monthly or by request
Description: This training webinar is mandatory for individuals who are responsible for making decisions as to whether or not a federally funded local agency project has ROW needs and for those completing the Design Approval Documentation Form (Appendix 43.62). This training focuses on the process of reviewing the PS&E to make sure it is consistent with the no ROW determination.

Administrative Settlement eLearning
Offered: On-line – eLearning - FREE
Description: Administrative settlements are used when reasonable efforts to negotiate an agreement at the approved offer amount have failed and it is determined by an Agency official that it is reasonable, prudent, and in the public interest to agree to pay additional money or some other form of compensation or consideration to the property owner. This 1 to 2-hour course is designed to help you understand the documentation requirements and to enable you to prepare a quality, well justified administrative settlement.

FHWA Federal Aid Essentials
Offered: Online - FREE
Description: This training offers a central online library of informational videos and resources, designed specifically for local public agencies. Each video addresses a single topic (including Right of Way Requirements and the Uniform Act), condensing the complex regulations and requirements of the Federal-aid Highway Program into easy to understand concepts and illustrated examples. All videos are short in duration (average 6 minutes) and include companion resources and links for additional information.

National Highway Institute (NHI) Real Estate Acquisition under the Uniform Act: An Overview
Offered: Online - FREE
Description: The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (Uniform Act) is the basis for Federally-funded real estate acquisition programs. This self-paced training provides an overview of the Uniform Act’s three key elements: valuation, acquisition, and relocation. This course underscores the importance of following Uniform Act requirements when acquiring property for a Federally-funded transportation project.

International Right of Way Association (IRWA) – Chapter 4 Education Courses
Offered: 2017-18 Education Courses (pdf 336 kb)
Description: Courses offered by Chapter 4 of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) that will be held in Washington State.

For more information and for access to class materials from previously offered courses please contact Local Programs ROW Manager or Local Agency Coordinators