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Railway-Highway Crossings Program

WSDOT announced the availability of approximately $12 million of Highway Safety Improvement Program federal funding that was set aside for the elimination of hazards at railway–highway crossings (23 USC 130).

Funding was available for the installation of new crossing protective devices, upgrade of existing crossing signal devices, railroad crossing closures and pedestrian crossing improvements.

View the application scoring criteria. (pdf 207 kb)

Eligible Applicants

Local agency owned roads with public crossings including roadways, bike trails and pedestrian paths.


Approximately $12 million of federal funds is estimated to be available.

Match requirement

Projects require a ten percent local match per phase (preliminary engineering/design, right-of-way, and construction) for all eligible federal expenditures. If the construction phase is authorized by April 30, 2019, then that phase will be eligible for 100% funding (no local match required). Federal funds cannot be used as match for any phase.

Program Requirements

  1. Crossings must be public crossings.
  2. Maintenance elements are not eligible.
  3. Scope changes are not permitted.
  4. Award amounts will not be increased.
  5. Quarterly reporting on project schedule and budget status is required.
  6. All FHWA requirements apply.
  7. Projects must be fully funded between this funding and other funding sources, as applicable.
  8. Project costs incurred prior to federal fund obligation are not eligible for reimbursement.

Project Applications

  1. Detailed vicinity map, with clearly marked project limits, that shows the project’s location.
  2. A completed application form (docx 45 kb) is required and can be downloaded.

Submittal Process

Submittals must be sent by e-mail (paper or other storage media will not be accepted). Project proposals must be received by midnight August 4, 2017. Project proposals must be sent by e-mail to

Program Contacts

Will Wonch at (360) 705-7379 or Kyle McKeon at (360) 705-7375.

Selection Process

All proposals will be reviewed to ensure that they are complete and eligible for funding. An advisory group will evaluate the proposals and provide recommendations to the WSDOT Local Programs Director. Final selections will be announced by winter of 2017.