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Bikeable Communities

 Two bicylists riding down a two lane paved bike trail by some buildings

The League of American Bicyclists recently named Washington State the most bicycle friendly state in the nation.

Washington’s model bike laws, signed and mapped statewide bike route network, dedicated funding from the state for bicycle related programs and projects, are a few examples of why Washington ranked the highest. However, there is still work to be done. There is opportunity to increase safety and mobility for bicyclists, especially within many urban areas across the state.

Contact: Active Transportation Programs for no cost techincal assistance and resources to help improve bicycle safety and mobility in your community.

How bicycle friendly Is your community?

  • Does the community have systems in place to train children and adult cyclists?
  • Are bicyclists included in the city’s transportation plan?
  • Do police officers understand and enforce bicyclists’ rights and responsibilities?
  • Does the community participate in Bike Month, provide signage and markings for bicycle lanes and routes, host community bike rides, or otherwise encourage cycling?
  • Does the community have methods in place to ensure their bicyclist programs are making a difference?

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