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Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice (EJ) for transportation projects is evaluated with minority and low-income populations in mind.

EJ documentation should address whether any social group is disproportionally impacted and identify possible mitigation measures to avoid or minimize any adverse impacts.

EJ Guidance Documents from Local Programs

Part 4 of Local Programs ECS Guidebook outlines:

  • appropriate process for determining the potential for a proposed project to impact EJ populations
  • documentation requirements for NEPA
  • identifies the list of exemptions that may be used in considering impacts to EJ populations
  • how to prepare an EJ discipline report.

Data Sources for Analysis

Data used for analysis can normally be obtained from secondary sources of information like from EPA's EJ Screen websiteelementary school datacensus data, personal contact with community leaders or social/economic reports.

However, for projects with major community impacts, a survey of the affected area may be needed to identify the extent and severity of impacts on these social groups.

More EJ Resources from WSDOT