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Environmental Classification Summary (ECS) Form

The Environmental Classification Summary (ECS) form is part of an important part of a Local Agency’s NEPA documentation for Documented Categorical Exclusions. An electronic copy of the ECS form can be downloaded from the web link below.

First start with:
Local Programs ECS Guidebook ( ECS form date 1/12 ) (pdf 2.5 mb) - For detailed information about how to complete your ECS form.

Only versions of the ECS form dated January 2014 or later will be accepted. Please note two things: (1) The WSDOT eForms package is required. The package contains the runtime engine, that allows you to use the form. The eForms package is released about once a year, however the ECS form may be updated before a new eForms package is released. (2) Please be sure to check to see if there is an updated form.

(1) Get the latest WSDOT eForms Package (ECS form date 1/12)

Download: WSDOT eForms Package version 3.11 (43 mb self-extracting Zip file)

For instructions on downloading and system requirements:
WSDOT eForms Support

This is a self contained Filemaker Pro runtime application containing all WSDOT forms. Download this file to your machine then:

  1. Unzip the download
    Run the file that you just downloaded, DOTeForms_311.exe
    Click the "Unzip" button in the WinZip Self-Extractor window 
  2. Run the Form Application
    In C:\WSDOT_Forms\DOTeForms_3.11 run DOTeForms.exe file
    Agree to the licensing terms for the first use.
  3. Select the Form
    Select the "Local Agency Forms" button (yellow)
    Select the form, "140-100 EF, Local Agency Environmental Classification Summary"

(2) Get the latest Filemaker ECS Form (ECS form date 1/12)

This form is included in the above download of the total eForms package. If your current form has become corrupt or out-dated, you can download a replacement copy. This version will only work with the current package listed above.

Warning: this will overwrite any data you have previously entered and saved in your ECS form.

  • Save to Disk: 140-100-LocalAgencyEnvironmentalClassificationSummary.pdf (FileMaker Pro Form 286 kb) the blank ECS Form.
  • Delete or rename current 140-100-LocalAgencyEnvironmentalClassificationSummary.E11 file in the C:\WSDOT_Forms\DOTeForms_3.11\eForms directory
  • Place new downloaded copy 140-100-LocalAgencyEnvironmentalClassificationSummary.E11 file in the C:\WSDOT_Forms\DOTeForms_3.11\eForms directory.

List of all the individual eForms offered by WSDOT

Tech Support

For technical help and assistance with downloading and running the ECS form place contact the Local Programs Information Technology Systems Specialist .