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HOV Projects List

The following list includes HOV, HOT, express toll lane, and direct access ramp projects in the state from 2004 on. The list includes projects which are not shown on the HOV webmap, such as arterial HOV and business access and transit (BAT) lanes. 

Projects are listed in alpha-numeric order. Links are provided to project websites if available; some projects in long-term planning do not yet have webpages.

County Project Construction

Start End

Snohomish I-5: Everett, SR 526 to US 2 HOV Lanes &
Broadway Avenue Direct Access Ramps
Completed 2008
King I-5: Industrial Way/E-3 Busway Direct Access Ramps* To be determined
Snohomish I-5: Mountlake Terrace Freeway Station Spring 2009 Early 2011
Snohomish I-5: South Everett Freeway Station Completed 2008

Pierce I-5/SR 16: Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program Under construction 2023
King I-5/SR 509: Corridor Completion and Freight Improvement Project To be determined

King I-90 & SR 520:  Lake Washington Congestion Management 2009 2011

King I-90: Two-Way Transit & HOV Operations 2007 2015
King I-405: Access Downtown Project / Direct Access Ramps Completed 2004

King I-405: Brickyard Park-and-Ride (NE 160th Street) Direct Access Ramps To be determined
Snohomish I-405: Canyon Park Direct Access Ramps To be determined

King/Snohomish I-405: Corridor Program 2005 To be determined
King I-405: NE 85th Street Direct Access Ramps To be determined

King I-405: Newport Hills Freeway Station To be determined
King/Pierce I-405 & SR 167: Eastside Corridor Tolling Study To be determined

King/Snohomish I-405: SR 520 to I-5 Widening Project 2012 2015

King I-405: Totem Lake Direct Access Ramps Completed 2008
Statewide Moving Washington Program 2009 2018

Pierce SR 16: Tacoma Narrows Bridge Open 2007
King SR 99: Shoreline Aurora Ave - N Corridor Transit/HOV Lanes 2005 2012

King SR 99: South 284th St to South 272nd St - HOV Lanes Completed 2007
King/Pierce SR 167: 8th to 277th Southbound HOT Lane  2015 2017

King SR 167: 15th Street SW to 15th Street NW HOV Completed 2008
King SR 167: HOV to HOT Lanes Pilot Project Open 2008

King/Pierce SR 167: SR 512 Vicinity to 15th Street SW To be determined
King SR 167: SW 27th Street Direct Access Ramps* To be determined

Pierce SR 167: Tacoma to Edgewood New Freeway Construction To be determined
Pierce SR 167: Valley Freeway Corridor Plan To be determined

Kitsap SR 305: Poulsbo South City Limit to Bond Road HOV Lanes Open 2008
King SR 520: Bridge Replacement and HOV Project 2010 2014

King SR 520: West Lake Sammamish Parkway to State Route 202 HOV Extension Completed 2010  
SR 522: UW Cascadia Campus Direct Access Ramps*
To be determined

* Does not yet have a project website.

Updated August 2011.