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Freeway HOV & HOT Lane Map

To view individual freeway HOV lane projects, drag your mouse over the map and click on the location you would like to learn more about. To return to this interactive map, click the "back" button on your web browser. You may also view a list of HOV projects.

Existing freeway HOT lanes are shown on this map. For a list of future HOT lanes, see the Moving Washington program .

Please note that some unfunded projects do not yet have their own webpages.

WB:  Off-ramp to 80th Ave SE - OPEN
EB:  Off-ramp to 77th Ave SE - FUTURE
EB:  On-ramp from 80th Ave SE- FUTUREI-90 Bellevue Way SE Direct AccessI-405 Newport Hills Freeway StationI-405 NE 85th Street Direct AccessI-405 Brickyard Park-and-Ride (NE 160th Street) Direct AccessI-405 Canyon Park Direct AccessI-405 - Totem Lake Direct AccessI-5 Broadway AvenueI-5 Mountlake Terrace Freeway Station / 236th SW (transit-only)I-5 South Everett Freeway StationSR 520 - West Lake Sammamish Parkway to State Route 202Tacoma/Pierce County HOV ProgramSR 520 - Montlake Blvd. Direct AccessSR 520 - 108th Avenue NE Direct Access
WSDOT map of the HOV freeway system in the central Puget Sound area. Approximately 310 lane-miles of a planned 320 mile freeway system are complete.

Updated April 2010.