Good To Go! Commercial Accounts

 SR 520 Bridge, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, SR 167 HOT Lanes - Need an Account? Customer Sign In - Pay Your Toll Bill

A Good To Go! pass works on all Washington state toll facilities, including:

  • SR 520 Bridge
  • Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  • SR 167 HOT Lanes
    (Note - Vehicles weighing over 10,000 lbs are not permitted in the HOT lanes)

Questions about commercial accounts? Email us.

What is a Commercial Account?
A Commercial Account is an account with more than six vehicles. Commercial Accounts can have an unlimited number of vehicles including large fleets. Commercial Accounts may be used by businesses or individuals with over six vehicles.

Commercial Accounts can be set up with Good To Go! passes, Pay By Plate, or a combination of the two. For example, you may choose to install Good To Go! passes on all your vehicles, or just install passes on some vehicles and have the license plates of other vehicles linked to the account using Pay By Plate.

Commercial accounts allow you to manage all of your vehicles on a single account. Itemized account statements by pass number or license plate number are available online. Hard copies of account statements are available through the customer service center for an additional fee.

Vehicles can be added or removed from commercial accounts as needed.

How do I fund a Commercial Account?
Your account will require a starting minimum balance of $30.00. Once an account reaches a low balance (minimum of $8.00), the account will need to be replenished. Auto-charge through a bank account or credit card is an easy way to replenish your commercial account.

Customers are encouraged to establish an auto-charge replenishment amount that will cover estimated toll expenses for a one month period. You may consider adjusting your minimum balance amount depending on the size of your fleet and the frequency with which vehicles will use toll facilities. You may also choose to increase the low balance threshold above $8.00 at any time. A customer service representative can work with you to determine the appropriate amounts.

What are the toll rates for commercial vehicles?

Can I use my existing CVISN Transponder to pay the toll?
CVISN transponders will not work on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, SR 520 Bridge or SR 167 HOT Lanes. If you frequently travel on any of these facilities you may want to purchase one of the newer Good To Go! passes. Vehicles weighing over 10,000 lbs are not permitted in the SR 167 HOT lanes.

Which option is best for my fleet?

Good To Go! Pass
Over six vehicles are linked to one account with a minimum of one pass per account. Using a pass ensures you pay the lowest toll rate available. There are a variety of pass options available, and the cost per pass ranges from $5 to $15, plus tax.

  • Cost: Initial $30.00 minimum Good To Go! account balance, plus the cost of any passes.

Good To Go! Pay By Plate
Pay By Plate does not require passes (transponders) on your vehicles. Simply register the license plate numbers of your entire fleet on your account and tolls will be deducted from your single pot of funds. Vehicles that use Pay By Plate when crossing the SR 520 Bridge and Tacoma Narrows Bridge will be charged the posted Good To Go! toll rate plus a $0.25 fee per transaction.

  • Cost: Initial $30.00 minimum Good To Go! account balance, plus a $0.25 fee per toll transaction.

Note: Pay By Plate is not a valid payment method in the SR 167 HOT lanes.