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ARRA - Stimulus Projects - Actual Jobs Graph


*Due to the nature of construction work and firms working on multiple ARRA projects, a count of the number of employees may include double counting (employees working on multiple projects) and cannot be used as a “head count” of individual employees. Federal guidelines direct states to report full-time equivalents (FTE) employed by state and local Recovery Act projects. WSDOT calculated these numbers based on a standard 2,080 hour work year which is equivalent to 173 hours each month. All data has been updated to capture late reports.

  • State and local stimulus projects have provided more than $231 million in payroll to employees working more than 5.8 million hours since the passage of the Recovery Act.
  • The average wage paid for the work is more than $39 per hour.
  • Workers earned more than $8,000 logging nearly 180 hours on Washington highway projects in May 2014.

Last revised on July 11, 2014